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root beer 4 packs


Following the huge success of the Hanks Infusions 4 packs – we are now excited to add to the range – the Hanks Classic Root Beers in packs of four.

All the bottles including the Diet Root Beer, Orange Cream, Wishniak Black Cherry, Vanilla Cream and Birch Beer now come in a classic 4 pack. Following in the steps of the eco-friendly Infusions packaging, the Classic Root Beer range four packs are also made from ¬†environmentally friendly packaging, which means that nostalgia doesn’t have to cost the earth.

We still offer the extremely popular Infusions 4 packs which come together in the same exciting flavours of Orange Cream, Green Apple, Berry and Root Beer Float.infusions 4 pack

All the 4 packs still include the same quality products with premium ingredients and award winning packaging. Both the Infusions and the Classic Root Beers 4 packs are a great way to expand your range while providing an assortment of options.

Read more about the Infusions 4 packs from our recent News items. You can see images of all the four pack range on our Gallery page.









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