The Good Old Days

A unique blend of the old and new…flavours that take us back in time….

Available in single bottles or packs of 4 – these American style root beer sodas add a classic touch to your range and are perfect for specialty stores, cafe’s and bars.


Hanks Root BeerRoot Beer – Philadelphia is the birthplace of root beer. The flavour for Hank’s was developed from an old Philadelphia root beer recipe. Pure cane sugar and gourmet quality ingredients enhance the body, head, mouth feel, and flavour. Hank’s has created the richest, smoothest, and creamiest soda possible. A true gourmet root beer.






Hanks Diet Root BeerDiet Root Beer – The Diet Root Beer is crafted using the same recipe as our original root beer, without the sugar. This is true gourmet quality zero calorie, zero carb diet soda with no aftertaste. So rich, creamy, and full of flavour- you won’t believe it’s sugarless.






Hanks Black CherryWishniak Black Cherry – Wishniak Black Cherry is another traditional flavor recreated by Hank’s. Wishniak is a style of dark cherry soda which is rich, creamy, full bodied, and very flavorful – a favorite of many culinary people.






Hanks Orange CreamOrange Cream – A recreation of the irresistible flavor of the creamsicle ice-blocks you loved when you were a kid. Our Orange Cream flavor appeals to both young and old. Orange Cream is a great flavor to use for ice cream floats.






Hanks Vanilla CreamVanilla Cream – A clear cream soda with a hint of vanilla flavor. Vanilla Cream has more body and flavor than many other plain cream sodas. Hank’s Vanilla Cream is yet another gourmet flavor recognized by soda connoisseurs nationwide.






Hanks Birch BeerBirch Beer – This traditional flavour from the northeast of the USA is similar to root beer, but crisper and more robust, with a “kick” of wintergreen flavor. This  favorite is becoming a popular flavour throughout many parts of North America and other parts of the world.





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